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SGKA Karate Grading Winter 2021

This year's winter grading will be held at Kelty community centre on 27th & 28th November from 08:45am.

SGKA Karate Grading Winter 2021

Prep Work

It is very important that all students put in the required work in order for them to grade over the weekend.

In order to help get everyone up to speed and comfortable with what is required for their own grading, additional classes will be held in the weeks leading up to the grading event.

Additional classes will be held at Kelty Community Centre on:

Saturday 6th November

White Belts (9am - 9:45am)
Red, Yellow & Orange Belts (9am - 10:15am)
Green Belt & Above (9am - 11am)

Sunday 14th November

Orange & Green Belts (10am - 11am)
Green Tab & Above (10am - 12pm)

Saturday 20th November

Green Belt & Above only (9am - 11am)

These classes are free and you should get along to as many classes as possible before the grading. You will be told the week before the grade if you are ready for your grade.

I will be giving out tabs at all classes leading up to the grading. You need 5 tabs to grade.

White - Basics.
Yellow - San Dan Gi/Ippon Kumite
Blue - Kata
Green - Kumite
Red - Break Falls
Brown - Attendance

This demonstrates that you have shown an acceptable level in class for each of these for your grade.

You must have a licence to grade as per my post last month.

You need your licence to train under the SGKA and the IOGKF. It pays the affiliation fees and means you can compete, grade and attend Gasshuku’s (courses) throughout the year.

Visit to complete your licence form. If you have any questions please ask.

On the day

This is of course subject to change due to covid guidance.

Saturday 27th November

08:45-08:55 Registration
Everyone should be ready to start at 09:00
09:00 – 10:30 Warm up, Basics, Moving Basics and Sandan Gi
10:30 White belts finish
10:35 - 11:30 Group Training GSD Ichi/Ni
11:30 Red/Yellow and Orange belts finish
11:35 – 12:30 Saifa +
12:30 Green/Green tab and Blue finish
12:40 -14:00 Kata
14:00 All finish

Sunday 28th November

09:00 –10:00 White/Red/Yellow
10:15-11:45 Orange/Green/Blue
12:00 Finish Blue tab and up.

Weekend fees - Cash on arrival

Junior £30
Adult £35
Discounts 3 for 2 family.

Download the grading form in advance

To help save time on the day, you can download the grading form in advance here, print out, fill in and bring with you to your grading.

Don't worry if you can't do this before-hand, there will be hard copies available when you arrive.

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