Kelty Goju-Ryu Karate


Classes are usually held in both Kelty Community Centre and The Lochgelly Centre. However due to current restrictions, some classes are held outdoors (weather permitting)
Regular updates are provided via our facebook group.

Karate class in Kelty and Lochgelly fife


Made for Green belts and above, advanced classes focus more on some of the traditional aspects of Goju-Ryu and Kata to get you well on your way to achieve Shodan level. (Black Belt)

A slightly tougher class again but the same high energy upbeat sensei. In this class, we will take what you have learned so far and start to incorporate more advanced techniques such as body conditioning, Tensho and Sanchin kata's, arm/wrist locks, ground work and open handed techniques.

Train hard, stay fit, healthy and confident. The SGKA are like a family and will support you throughout your training.

Class Timetable

Tuesday7:15pm - 8pmAdvanced ClassKinross Dojo
Wednesday7:15pm - 8pmAdvanced ClassKelty Dojo
Friday7:15pm - 8pmAdvanced ClassLochgelly Dojo

Dojo Etiquette & Rules

Karate animals wearing all colour karate belts